Monday, November 25, 2013

Hello Bloggers,

It has been awhile, but I have just been so busy planning and planning and more planning. Have a few happy occasions coming up, busy planning my mothers 65th birthday celebration for 2014. My husband is turning 55 in January looking forward to that celebration, but God is good. I really love staying busy keeps your mind going and focused. Also been very busy doing house and my mom kitchen it pictures to follow. I have been involved in Leukemia walk light the night with hubby and best friend we have been doing the 5K walk for 2 years now. Enjoyed decorating my job for 1st annual harvest fair which was great. Learned that selfies pictures is actually going to be in the Webster dictionary who knew (see below). Just enjoying my new church family Upper Room Christian church. Lots going on, Although never loosing focus of Gods Love.

So blogger lovelies have a Happy Thanksgiving and a Blessed time with family and friends.

xoxox Trina...

                                         Leukemia light the night walk Eisenhower park.
                                                                  " Selfie"
                                                Decorating Job for Harvest Fair
       Book signing with Melissa Gorga what a great woman so gracious and friendly a true author.