Monday, February 9, 2015

Change is good!

Hello beloveds another snowy, icy and wet day here in the east coast, but God is good. I have been busy making a few changes in my home. Starting with the wall color, I have been married five blissful years and love my husband dearly. When we first completed the renovation we painted the house a lovely light yellow. At the time I was in love with the color, but over the years of buying new furniture, curtains and nick knacks my lovely yellow has grown gruesome. So out to the home depot we go for a color change. I choose antique white paint and primer!

We absolutely love the color for now!!! that's my cute husband professionally painting I was told to stay away from the walls....LOL

In other DIY I painted a few tables to match this Antique White paint. I love any blues but my favorite is teal and robins egg blue. I just think these colors go well with my cottage chic d├ęcor of my home. So we painted a few tables and changed some things up.

In a previous blog from last year I painted this cute table white. It was wood and I just didn't like all the different woods. I found this at Marshalls about 2 years ago for $38.99 great find for solid wood table.
Stenciling walls or furniture just gives it a whole new look. So I pulled out my trusty stencils that by the way have adorned my walls in the foyer and bathroom. I put on top of this table! remember to use a little tacky spray along the edges of the stencil so that the stencil will not move while you are painting
Everyone knows that I am a fan of Annie Sloan chalk paint, but while getting paint at the home depot I was standing waiting for my paint to mix and came across this color and its the blue I was looking for! Its not Annie Sloan's but its a lot cheaper only $8.99 in Home Depot. You won't get that chalky chalky finish that you feel like Annie's but for this small stencil job and painting another table it did the job. You can also find this in Michael's craft store! Yup!! also $8.99 with 30% with coupon.
Ok!! so what do think?? cute I agree
I am in love!
This was the other table that I used the chalk paint with.
After painting I used a low grade sand paper to add just a touch of distressing.
After distressing the dust from the paint can get a little out of control. I bought out my Black and Decker small hand vacuum. This works wonder on dust and so quick and easy to use.
Then I made this burlap and hydrangea floral bouquet for my new tables and walls.
love using acrylic water in faux flowers makes it look so real.
Have a Blessed day Lovelies!
This picture of me is old when I hade silky brown hair.
debating should I let me hair back or keep it short?