Tuesday, August 5, 2014

oops! another color re-do

Everyone knows that my style in my home can change in a minute, I have no problem using a can of spray paint (for the right reasons). So I have the patio set that I sprayed I would guess 2-3 years ago a nice brown, well after purchasing a new rug the color did no longer match so off to the Home Depot my husband and I went. With spray paint in hand and creative juices flowing another cute girl DIY design manifesto was created.

the nice color I choose, I know you are saying wow that's blue but just wait???
this what my hand me down table and umbrella, $30.00 chairs from home depot used to look
like few years ago, its was still nice but?
I played hooky from work one day (mental health day) and was watching
GMA (Good Morning America) and the steals and deals came on, this rug was originally priced at
$139.00 - well I got it for $50.00 just the right size I was looking for, who could pass up that bargain!
Ok! tell me what you think, I absolutely love the color
see what a little can of spray paint will do you could have a whole new set.
besides I think the blue looks much better!
I have been very busy this summer, hosted a Mary & Martha Garden Tea Party
with some of the most amazing woman, we laughed, cried and fellowshipped what
a beautiful day it turned out to be I will be definitely be doing this again next summer.
if you are interested in the products click the link maryandmartha.com
they have the most amazing products for the home and the entertainer like me who like hosting parties!
Enjoy the rest of your summer and be Blessed
God is amazing and its never to late to get it right
His arms are stretched open wide to receive you , just the way you are
He will remember you sins no more, those are gone, today begins a new day.