Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas Eve!!

Hello Darlings just wanted to post a quick MERRY CHRISTMAS!! I know you all will be with family and friends on tomorrow opening up gifts and having fun. Let us not forget the reason for the season Jesus Christ the lover of my soul, every year since I have been married my husband and I go for long walks early Christmas morning just to commune with God and feel His presence with nature and feed the birds they deserve a gift also.

What ever your Christmas tradition make it a great one and have a blessed Christmas.

This year hubby and I handed out these sweet treats to all our friends and co-workers
Mary & Martha loaf pans came in handy with cellophane wrap and red ribbon and the word of God on the package makes for a great gift giving.
So I have the best staff they bought me a bottle of Chanel No.5 retailed at $130.00 Yess! my staff consist of all men and I am there female boss go figure!! but they love me and I love them like brothers shout out to Andre, Fritzner, Torray and Jordan!! We had a nice office party with great food that I prepared for them jerk chicken, brown stew chicken, peas & rice, mac and cheese, plantains and my mom finished the party off with a potato salad and seafood salad....
As I was sitting here at work blogging my best friend walked in my office and gave me a Pandora bracelet and one of the charms has a friendship she has one half and I have the other!! this bought me to tears how thoughtful!!
Have a very Merry Christmas all!!