Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Well its been a while since I have blogged, but I miss doing this. Blogging is a way to share exciting and not so exciting things in your life. I normally like to share the exciting, but being that I am so transparent (some what) I share. I have been so busy finishing out cottage adding, re-decorating, changing something's etc...But I will try and put out a post at least once a month or once a week which ever one come first. I am having so much fun on Instagram I Love my InstaFriends they are the best. Its so refreshing linking up with people who love God and Love decorating. We share clothes, our love for Designer bags (Louis Vuitton, Gucci, YSl etc..) travel, home decorating and home projects. Which we are working on building an outside kitchen in our back yard (pic soon) I am loving the work me and Hubby have put in on that project.

So Blog community I am back and ready to roll!!!

Love Trina xoxoxo

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

its been awhile....

Hello.....I know its been awhile since I have last blogged but I have been busy doing so much other things just have not had time. Since things are finally slowing down I can share what we have been up to. We had an amazing summer!! went on vacation to Miami stayed at this fabulous hotel Mandarin Oriental, talk about five star this place should be a 10 star. The service was first class, the staff was very nice. Although we had on little mishap a little gecko got into our room through the sliding doors of the veranda. So I could not sleep let alone spend one night knowing this thing is running lose in our room. After calling the front desk and having the housekeepers reluctantly couldn't find my little friend and me screaming!! they moved us to a suite that was for a celebrity oh my! you could see the pictures below.

this was my view from this stunning hotel!! Downtown Miami...
This was the suite we were upgraded to $1495.00 per night, but for me and hubby FREE!!
the room we had prior to this was amazing also!
Just a quick photo of my front door Harvest decorations!!
I really have to pull my camera out and take better pictures.
my latest sale items this gorgeous throw from Pier1 so luxurious, comfy and warm.
So anyone who know me is aware that I have struggled with weight for years now. Well I finally got a handle on it and having a blast with eating healthy and working out, not depriving myself of the pizza and cakes, just not over doing it. Kale & spinach are now our best friends, we have totally cut out red meat and coffee!
Well I am happy to say I am 15lbs lighter and exercise is also my best friend. Our journey started August 26th, 2015 on the right and on the left was September 26th, 2015!!
My husband is also down 22lbs kudos to my hubby........
We both are happy and thank God for wisdom and helping us do this!!
We are moving along nice and slow, no specific date on accomplishing our goal, remember its a lifestyle change so this is forever.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Stencils and Pictures?

Hello all I have been so busy and loving it, but I have done a few new projects around the cottage. Spring cleaning is so much dust fun!! Well I started my annual Spring cleaning and changing things around as usual I give hubby a list of things that need changing and or upgrading. See below a few new projects and let me tell you of the latest happenings in my life. First my lease is up on my 2012 Jeep Cherokee so I started car shopping went and test drove a Mercedes SUV I like the truck but with a  husband who stands  6'4' tall that didn't work. So back to jeep I went looked at the 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited this truck is gorgeous has all the bells and whistles. My main concern in a car is the sunroof a must have, well I got a panoromic sunroof in the new truck will pick it up  Wednesday so excited!!

I went into my co-workers office and she had this picture in the corner covered in dust. I inquired about it and she said its been there forever and its basically garbage!! what do you mean garbage!! Well I bought it home started taking it apart and the glass broke? keep calm and carry on I thought. Sanded the frame spray painted it white, removed the inlet painted that in a vintage retro chalk paint. Went and bought some burlap black acrylic paint and order me some stencils from HERE they have some great stencils with budget friendly prices.

I ordered so many stencils that I didn't know which one to choose.

went with this stencil (don't ask me what it say) but I love french

and this is were it went!! adorned by tub....
oh! I replaced the broken glass with a plexiglass from the Home Depot...
well my co-woker wanted it back after she seen this...LOL

Hubby and I went to Pennsylvania two weeks ago and bought back few antiques. I went looking for picture frames found this cute one and made me a "out to lunch" cork board memo board for my desk at work.  A little spray paint and a piece of cork.


AFTER...people was trying to buy it from me!!

 me and my best friend doing a pininterest craft class HERE
we had so much fun learned how to use MISS MUSTARD SEED MILK PAINT HERE

Now I must enjoy the rest of my weekend!!

Peace and Blessings my Friends


Wednesday, April 1, 2015


Hello wow me blogging two days normally I can't find enough time to blog. Well that will change I have so much to say and do that I want to share with my friends and fellow bloggers. In todays topic I am still doing what I love? Yup..you guessed it SHOPPING! see some of my best steals and deals below click the (HERE) and go straight to the website to find some of these great finds.

I was in Home Goods/Marshalls on Saturday and found these cute love the chicken wire its missing one of the rope handles so I got it for $15.00 instead of the price marked. I couldn't resist this to hold my magazines.
Everyone know I love vintage finds I was perusing a few of my fellow bloggers and came across a website HERE decorsteals.com (tell them I sent you) you must sign up for there emails and they will send you everyday what the steals and deals are, shipping is always $5.00 regardless of order! sign up and shop away.
looks good with my couch and Home Goods find!
Another d├ęcor steals was this bench wrapped in burlap with nail heads guess what I added to this cutie piece!!
I ordered several stencils from HERE
artistic stencil designs they have great designs and sale is going on now.
such an easy DIY to a great piece.
Have a blessed day and Happy Shopping.....

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

New projects!

Hello beloved's I have so many new projects in the works. I just placed an order for several new stencils and getting ready to make over my best friends guest bedroom so excited. I also have caught some uber good sales for the month of February and March. We all know that is the best time to shop for you winter clothing for next year? this is when you buy that coat you wanted that cost so much but now its 75% off yess!! go shopping....
So I found this great burlap fabric on website called Farmhouse wares Here
this fabric is so nice I decided  just do a small project with it. I re-upholstered a pair fold away stools that I keep in my kitchen for extra seating for guest. I said let me try them first before I do my wing back chairs.
turned out pretty cool!
Well remember I said catch those sales after the season. I had my eye on these cute UGG boots but the price oh my! they run for about $250.00. Well I waited until after the season and scored these babies on Here The Walking Company can I just say I love them.
Oh! and we still had some snow here in the big NY after I purchased them :)
You ever had a plant that died and you were left with the pot or those rolling cast iron thingies that go on the floor to keep the plant of your gorgeous hard woods or carpet!
After removing the wheels and putting some soft felt on the bottom (no scratches on my granite)
 I use this as a trivet does not take up a lot of space on the center of my island.
Goes so well on my kitchen island to hold my napkin and other items.
it really looks like that trivet came with the set?
Was shopping on Farmhouse Wares again and could not resist these wooden blocks.
I am still decorating them trying to decide what I want put in them? Here
Have a great day all!
Happy Passover and Easter He has risen!