Friday, September 28, 2012

So someone posted this picture on Facebook and I was looking at it and thought; some woman really carry these items why? Though you've now been told time after time that, "it's not you; it's me," maybe it's time to consider the fact that it might, in fact be you. What's really weighing woman down in our life, is all that emotional baggage.

Those with baggage can oftentimes be riddled with self-doubt, fear, pride, family curses and just life battle wounds. It has been said that "No one escapes childhood unscathed," which is not to say that everyone suffers through terrible childhoods, only that each of us endures our fair share (or, in some cases, more than our fair share), of difficult or even painful emotional experiences during childhood, adolescence and young adulthood. Growing up is filled with all sorts of growing pains. And it is our emotional memories, particularly the more painful ones, which often have a significant impact on how we conduct ourselves in our relationships, not only with our significant others, but with all of our friends and loved ones. And while we all carry some emotional baggage, it turns out that some of us carry quite a bit more of it than others. More to the point, some of us allow our most troublesome relationships from our pasts to affect-and in some cases do severe damage to-our current relationships. Some woman are just bitter and mean, while others are looking and saying "what is wrong with her", well their is a chance that she was never set free from emotional childhood pain, she may think she has, but has not. So that bitter, evil, meanness spills over into relationship, marriage, friends and even church life. Yes! some christians deal with baggage also, some hurt people and will have them running from the church when it's not the church, but the person(s) dealing with their own private baggage.

So if you are concerned that your own insecurities or "emotional baggage" from your past relationships may be hampering your emotional or spiritual growth in any ways; and this has caused you to get involved with unkind individuals, or by preventing you from entering any love relationship, healthy church life, or by causing damage to your current frienships, then it may be time for you to confront the problem head-on, so that you can finally move past the old hurts and attain the relationship happiness you have been seeking for so long.
Of course it is extremely important to protect yourself emotionally, especially if you have experienced more than your fair share of difficult, humiliating, or even traumatic romances or friendships in the past. However, every aspect of life, including dating, involves a certain degree of risk-taking. And while it can be incredibly hard to open your heart and make yourself vulnerable to a potential new dating partner (especially if you have been hurt repeatedly in the past), just remember that life sometimes requires us to take a leap of faith so that we can continue to grow emotionally. Therefore, if you have recently met a good, kind, loving, emotionally whole and healthy person who would like nothing more than to start a relationship with you, then get ready to take that leap! and trust God that the Holy spirit will lead and guide you.