Saturday, December 7, 2013


so many new exciting things happening, but I was so blessed when my CEO came to me and asked if I would decorate the new chapel...OMG!! I was so excited I leaped at the opportunity and loved every minute of it. After the completetion when had a Chapel dediction and dedicated it in honour of Sis. Eleanor who has given 30 years of volunteer services to the elderly of Cold Spring Hills Nursing Home. My outstanding husband built the alter, he is such a carpenter takes after our Lord and Saviour! The dedication was great I invited all Clergy including myself, the Pastors, Priest, and the Rabbis that work there daily performing various services. It was beautiful to see Judiasm and Christianity joined together, bought tears to my eyes when we all prayed together and the spirit that was in the chapel, oh! the Lord was there. Now the Chapel has a alter, kneeler, few chairs, Bible and low lighting. Everyone at my job loves it and the room is being used for just taking a breather and praying. The kneeler was donated by the Sister of Mercy and was not in the best of shape, but I took it home varnished it and added a padding for knees and the out come was nice.

My Husband and Kathi Barnutt such a lovely woman she is Sis. Eleanors niece and helped me put this whold thing together.