Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Save Money

Hello my friends, getting very hot here!! but I love the weather I go outside and eat lunch on my break so refreshing. So I have been saving money and cutting cost. I would pay every two weeks $65.00 for UV gel fill in with color, or however they say it that added up $130 a month with tip $150.00, and if I got a pedicure that sent me bill to $85.00 ($170.00 monthly) plus tips! Ok I said enough of that I was paying more for my nails then I was my hair Oh! and then to top that the would chip or crack a few days later..... no I am done.

My new thing is just get a regular manicure but who wants to sit under that loud dryer and wait, I wanted to just run out the door when the girl was finished after me sitting there for 30-45 minutes ok! well I have started doing my nails myself, I removed gels, glue and anything that was smothering my nails from breathing. I wasn't to fond of that UV light anyway was hearing horror stories about skin cancer, but don't by what I say research it.

I feel so liberated sound weird right? but I went and bought nail strengthener because my nails had gotten weak from the gel (which the nail salon claims does not weaken?) Not...my nails were paper thin and brittle, the first month I could not barely pick up anything with my bending back ouch!! The beauty of doing my own nails is that I can change the polish 2-3 times a week to match my outfits Yess!!! occasionally I will get a mani/pedi just to relax, but I am loving this. My nails are stronger and looking healthy.

Also loving the colors from Essie and OPI...
since I love Pink so much this is my favorite color and I did it all by myself. $$$$ money saved.


                                  Love this color from Sally Hansen and it dries super fast.

that's me nail modeling...LOL
This is my go to topcoat!
So my money goes into a savings account and my fabulous pixie haircuts!
Blessings my friends