Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Busy as a Bee!!

So I have not blogged in a couple of days now!! oops...But I missed doing it. I have been busy as a little ole' Bee Yes I have...What's first did anyone partake in restaurant week in NYC last week, well my husband and I enjoyed the pre-fixe menus of some of the finest restaurant on Long Island. We had filet mignon one night and just enjoyed partaking in the scrumptious flavors of the various places. If you have never tried restaurant week you must - come out of the regular red lobsters, china buffets and eat with the best you deserve it. We went to this restaurant called tellerschophouse.com this steak house is gorgeous and the food is delicious they make the best lobster mac & cheese.
this is the sidewalk going into Tellers Chop House restaurant isn't this just the nicest atmosphere, reminds me of the streets of Italy.
Another journey of mines this month was I had my nails done and since I love diamonds, my nail technician added these cute pink diamond and made into the shape of a necklace. Amazing the creativity of some people I love it...
so awhile back I bought these stools for my kitchen island, and they were plain so I ordered these nail heads online and added them to the chairs, and this bought a whole new look to these plain chairs.
there is this website called DaySpring.com and they have the nicest items most of there stuff is Christian based and being that I LOVE the Lord this was right up my alley. So I bought these vinyl words that you put on your walls, well my bedroom is adorned with the following words (see below). This was so easy of course it was to tall for me to accomplish so my 6' 4' tall hunky, sexy, stud ok enough he put it up!! LOL and every morning when I am preparing for my day I have these words to remind me that the Lord is the strength of my life....

how nice is that!!

Have a blessed day and lovely week,
God loves you and so do I!!!