Sunday, April 26, 2015

Stencils and Pictures?

Hello all I have been so busy and loving it, but I have done a few new projects around the cottage. Spring cleaning is so much dust fun!! Well I started my annual Spring cleaning and changing things around as usual I give hubby a list of things that need changing and or upgrading. See below a few new projects and let me tell you of the latest happenings in my life. First my lease is up on my 2012 Jeep Cherokee so I started car shopping went and test drove a Mercedes SUV I like the truck but with a  husband who stands  6'4' tall that didn't work. So back to jeep I went looked at the 2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited this truck is gorgeous has all the bells and whistles. My main concern in a car is the sunroof a must have, well I got a panoromic sunroof in the new truck will pick it up  Wednesday so excited!!

I went into my co-workers office and she had this picture in the corner covered in dust. I inquired about it and she said its been there forever and its basically garbage!! what do you mean garbage!! Well I bought it home started taking it apart and the glass broke? keep calm and carry on I thought. Sanded the frame spray painted it white, removed the inlet painted that in a vintage retro chalk paint. Went and bought some burlap black acrylic paint and order me some stencils from HERE they have some great stencils with budget friendly prices.

I ordered so many stencils that I didn't know which one to choose.

went with this stencil (don't ask me what it say) but I love french

and this is were it went!! adorned by tub....
oh! I replaced the broken glass with a plexiglass from the Home Depot...
well my co-woker wanted it back after she seen this...LOL

Hubby and I went to Pennsylvania two weeks ago and bought back few antiques. I went looking for picture frames found this cute one and made me a "out to lunch" cork board memo board for my desk at work.  A little spray paint and a piece of cork.


AFTER...people was trying to buy it from me!!

 me and my best friend doing a pininterest craft class HERE
we had so much fun learned how to use MISS MUSTARD SEED MILK PAINT HERE

Now I must enjoy the rest of my weekend!!

Peace and Blessings my Friends