Thursday, October 2, 2014

loving life

Hello, I have not blogged in a while had some minor surgery and went on vacation after that. I must say God has been so good to me. This surgery was so easy and I healed so fast I was amazed...well I should not have been amazed but thankful at what God is doing in my life and the speedy recovery. Enough of that but Hubby and I went on a mini get away to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary! Yess...our 5th I have been married to this wonderful man for five beautiful years, when our vows say "In sickness and in health" my husband has proved himself in that area. My husband has been right by my side during everything never once complaining or getting angry, but praying and believing God. I am so thankful to have a man of God.

So we went to Maine and stayed at a B&B again and did some traveling, going up on mountains eating and more eating.

First I got this baby for my 5th wedding anniversary gift my MacBook Air!! My job was such a blessing I was able to work from home during my healing process and still be paid as if I was there everyday, God said I will give you favor with man.

Then 4 weeks after the surgery hubby and I threw an awesome end of the summer dinner party with great friends, some I have not seen in 3 years and it was so much them all and we are doing well despite the naysayers, say what you want about all of us are blessed from God.

My friend Lisa taking photos because just 3 weeks after surgery I was in Manhattan spending the day with Lisa (she don't know I took this shot of her doing what she love) at the Met then birthday lunch for her!!
Then my dinner party I had my brother cook for us and the food was dynamite, Beef Wellington, 7up cake yummy he will be graduating in a few months as Executive Chef now for those that posted things about him getting in trouble take that!

Just feeling great about the things that God is doing and so happy! I can't waste my time on meaningless folk and unhappy people, the word says that mark those that cause division and trust you me we have.

I am just going to sit back, pray and leave it to God!
Have a blessed day Lovelies..