Monday, April 14, 2014

Beautiful flowers!

Hello my friends!!

its been a while since my last post I have been extremely busy with my business and work. My job sent me to a conference last week, great because it was a day off and great because it was sitting all day. I know that sounds a little boring but the information was great, pertaining to my job. I love learning and gaining wisdom in every area of my life. So bring on the conferences I feel powerful and they are detrimental to my knowledge of how to do my job effectively. I run my department well and my staff is happy but there is always room for improvement.

Enough of that -  been so busy with my orders and getting flowers out for the spring I forgot to blog! shame on me...but I am back and doing more projects. Bought a few more item form my favorite website you really must visit this site and also which I think are owned by the same people, but nice stuff.

How many of you have visit well my mother loves this place she would eat there every week on her days off. if you ordered a drink they give you this cool mason jar to keep, well I have decided to use my jar as a spring floral arrangement how cute the flowers are burlap from such a great buy at $2.99 each and I had FREE shipping and 20% off.  I added a piece of burlap and lace around the jar these are going on my outside dining table for
Easter brunch.
Tulips are ready to adorn this beautiful vase, I had a friend ask me to make an arrangement for her home, she has a beautiful home and its gray and white,
so we added these spring tulips to give it a pop of color YELLOW...see below.

ta-da the finished product she has worked her gift again Yasss!!
these beauties were requested by a customer whose home was adorned in these spring colors, so I pulled the colors from her curtains...aren't they gorgeous this set will cost you $145.00 so Kelly came up with a new name for my floral business "Is it fake or is it Trina" don't try and steal this its copyrighted as of today! I love it....

So I am still finishing up these for a nursing home
 these will go in each of the patients room, anything to brighten there living quarters and put a smile on there faces.

my husband is suppose to be helping not sure what he is doing???

Have a great day all peace and blessings for a awesome week.

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