Thursday, April 17, 2014

Hidden treasures.


I was on my favorite website again and found this fabulous table. Let me start by saying that my house is a craftsman and the living space is not that big, I have a huge kitchen with an island with (3) stools. At the island is basically were all the eating and gathering is done. So I said to my husband we don't have a dining area, we have this big space by the fireplace that is not being used. I had him measure the space and I could fit a 42" width table well I started my task of being Chief Purchasing Officer for my home (by the way this is what I do at my full-time Job) isn't that funny. Found the table and it fit perfectly and the price was great $200.00, but after finding this great table I needed chairs. I refused to pay top dollar for chairs and every chair that I priced was between $125.00 - $180.00 each, child bye! I was not paying that my budget was $50.00 - $65.00 each. I hit craigslist and nothing jumped at me.

Well my husband said you know I have chairs down stairs in the basement from my bachelor days and they are pretty much what you are looking for, given the pictures I kept showing him. So I was like really!! he said yes you don't remember them when we were dating? I am like NO!!! so he proceeded to go down stair and bought back these gems from our basement....Yesss!! just what I was looking for just needs a little paint and TLC and my dining room is going to look fabulous. Well he had (4) chairs two of them had arms, and the other two were without arms which made my d├ęcor eclectic.

So only thing I have to get is some chalk paint from and get to excited the after is going to look dazzling. My cute cozy craftsman house is done DIY and on a nickel and I can't even say a dime.

So this is the color I was thinking of painting the chairs,
the dresser color pretty teal blue!
such cool blues

 table from I ordered this on Sunday and it was delivered Wednesday!
still thinking about painting the whole table white?? creative wheels are spinning.

 Here are my hidden treasure...
it was his first furniture purchase years ago!

once these are sanded and paint applied they are going to look good,
 keep checking for the finished product.

Have a blessed Resurrection Sunday all,
remember Jesus took the fall and thought of us above all!!

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