Monday, November 14, 2011

Beautiful Bride

I love what I do, My job is to make people happy on their special day. The days leading up to the event can be busy & stressful for the bride, so my job is to ease the stress. I am happy my business is prospering. Have I learned alot? Yes. Each event that I do, I am writing down little gliches that happen. This makes it alot easy for the next wedding, party, bar mitzvah for me and my team.

Although my job is so much more than keeping the stress down. We have alot to accomplish, make list of things to do, keep the budget under control and deal with the families involved. Not only can a wedding coordinator offer you just that, We can also provide the rules for proper wedding etiquette. When the bride or couple initially meet with me, I will most likely bring to mind decisions that they weren’t aware they would have to make. Like when wedding party need to get in to the sanctuary/lobby to line up for ceremony entrance. What time rehearsal begins, changing rooms, stage needs, who is ushering etc..We also coordinate with musician(s) for cues during ceremony and set the stage for a beautiful day.

So that is my Job, but you know what I love what I do.