Monday, July 14, 2014

Fashion on point!!

Hello sweeties, had a fabulous weekend, how about yours? well let me start by saying that the accessories make the outfit. I bought these shoes from in the early spring from $29.00 and could not find anything to go with them. I posted some pictures on Facebook and got so many likes and very nice comments I had to blog and let the ladies know were I found my fabulous finds. Plus I love a good sale and finding great finds on a dime.

Let me go back first, so you all know I just turned 44 and was looking for a new look, adding color and different accessories in my wardrobe instead of  buying more clothes. Well after following other plus size bloggers and watching fashion runway's for plus size woman, I am loving the new Trina. My clothes are still classy and pleasing to the eye I just added a touch of glamour and grace. I am not a small woman and I am down 17lbs!! Yasss!! working hard eating right and just taking it slow. I love the Jackie O and Audrey Hepburn look pencil skirts and cropped blazers, kitty pump shoes you know the look. Always thought that looked better on me; and I am not a jeans person because I just think they don't look good on me, well scratch that thought I found some that look great and was very happy. I wore this to a graduation/Birthday heading to collage party for my besties daughter Keisha so happy for her God blessing on her as she enter Lincoln Collage!!

Putting this outfit together I just went all out!
Shirt (Anne Klein)came from $39.99 - Jeans I caught on sale
at Macy's for $19.87 they are skinny jeans I just rolled them up to look like boyfriend jeans.
and the in famous blue shoes with a comfortable wedge....Yass! she was serving the world!!I actually stayed in them all night? Sunglasses tjmaxx also Vince Camuto $16.99
This classic look! I wore to church....
Dress Calvin Klein Macy's and on $59.00 marked down for $119.00!
shoes pointy toe classics $59.00 marked down from $198.00, sweater $11.99 they are having a great sale now on there website
take advantage ladies. Hair cut courtesy of Kisha the best hair stylist!!
So I have giving my wardrobe another look and loving the colors and new styles.
All Praise go to God who I love and Worship with my whole heart!!
(oh! the rug on the patio was scored on GMA (Good Morning America) steal and deals on $55.00 marked down from $135.00 beautiful Turkish woven pattern)