Friday, March 14, 2014

Creativity at its best!

Its Friday!

 I battled a upper respiratory infection this week, but the battle was short lasted roughly 3 days thank you Jesus for healing. Missed a day from work, so I had to catch up on some paperwork and bills for work - check that off the list done. Had an awesome lunch at work with my bestie jst now and we laughed as usual....So now I am just at my desk blogging and listening to some good gospel music...Love it! I must say I cannot complain about my job once I do my work and my employees get the job done we chill!! I don't have to micromanage them.

My creative gift has been flowing and I thank God, having a creative mind is such a blessing that we don't realize some if the ideas that comes out of our creativity, the and awesome Creator blessed. My pictures today are of the beautiful Moroccan picture frame I found at maybe three years ago. Well I couldn't quite find anything to place in it because the picture would have to be very small maybe 2x3; so I opted in printing a few of my favorite scriptures instead and placed them in the frame.

I was also visiting one of my favorite website called they have some of the nicest items and unusual home decors, I found this sign below and loved it. Anyone who knows me that I love shoes!!!  I know I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, but a pair of cute shoes for some praise and worship always helps! yesss.... 

My contractor who helped my husband build our home is very creative, this guy can build anything such a gifted man. My home is dynamite between his building and my designing we worked it out. Every year for the Christmas season he always makes something different reindeers, star, nativity scenes etc.. And he give them out as gifts. Something about handmade gift you just want to keep it forever and not re-gift. Just the though that someone took the time and created the gift and put it together is the best. 
Last year he gave out these Angels carved out of wood, I still have this sitting on my table in the living room even though the holidays are over so cute. 

So be creative let your, ideas come to life and watch the beautiful things that you can make.
Have a Blessed weekend!!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

give and it will be giving back to you.

Mostly everyone knows my love of flowers real and fake. I love the colors, smell and overall beauty if brings to any space. So I have this floral business that I have been doing for years now. The business has expanded way beyond my wedding planning business thank you Jesus. I have gotten contracts from nursing homes in the past year for orders totaling over 200 floral arrangements for each home, which by the way bought my business thousands of dollars in sales. So I have a few woman at my place of full-time employment that I consider my sisters-in-Christ, these woman exemplify character, grace, wisdom and elegance. There only a hand full but they are great woman to work with and our fellowship has expanded way beyond work. I make the floral arrangements and bring them in and adorn there desks with flowers (my desk also). These arrangements are artificial roses, carnations any flower that looks great and brightens there day.

Going off the path here a little but, its something about giving, that just stirs up my spirit and makes me feel wonderful. I mean just the simplicity of a artificial floral arrangement makes there day. We as humans get so caught up in ourselves and other affairs, that we forget that giving is what God wants us to do, think about He gave it all His son Jesus up on the cross, Jesus bleed and died for us. So why cant we give even if its just a hug, smile, coffee!! when you see someone at the coffee shop buy them a cup, bring some donuts in for the office staff. It's so much that can be done to make someone happy and it also brings joy to yourself. I Love giving its my nature not because I am looking for anything in return, but if God wants to bless me I am all for it!! won't complain no sir not me!! because God has blessed me and my family with so much, we just cant help ourselves in giving and helping.

      So see how I made my SPRING arrangement below!!! and try them yourself so much fun... trick to making my floral look like they are sitting in water is QUICK WATER....this solution hardens into a clear acrylic that never loosens or looses its color, I love the brand above because it does not turn yellow over time, some of the acrylics will. Those stunning floral & quick water can be bought at this craft store has everything love it!! they actually had a great sale going on 40% off spring flowers. Any clean vase will do you can actually find the vases for $1.00 in some craft stores the acrylic on works in glass....
cut all your floral before applying acrylic and arrange them according to how you want them
add your solutions and keep stirring and stirring for about 5-10 minutes getting out all the little bubbles, once they are gone add you florals and let the solution sit for 24 hours.
and then you will have a gorgeous arrangement that will adorn any spring table, desk, kitchen or church alter!! hummm now there's an idea?
Have a Happy Day all and enjoy making your arrangements that will last forever!!
if you need any help just ask away and I will reply..

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

DIY done!

My stencil project is done!!!

I am so pleased I must mention his blog gave me this awesome idea, He gave such expert advice on this from his wall that was done. I always wanted an accent wall but I didn't just want a different color like normal designers would use. I was even thinking of using wallpaper, but after pricing that changed real quick $80.00 per roll not me! my wall would need (2) rolls.... plus the thought of having wallpaper glued to my wall, what if I get tired of it etc... So I opted for a stencil if I want to change the color its just a quick paint over, but I love it - so its a keeper!  this entire project cost me $75.00 for stencil, paint, adhesive, rollers, frog tape. Quick tip I would advise using a smooth foam paint roller, this makes the stencil glide on nice and smooth, no blotches.

I went with Martha Stewart paint - vintage antique gold with a nice metallic sheen.
The Easy Tack adhesive was for the stencil, once you spray this on the back it cuts the time of always having to use the blue tap. This adhesive doesn't stick to the wall or the stencil pulls right off, but you can keep using and using, maybe have to spray the easy tack one or two more times, in a well ventilated area!!
Start with a nice clean wall. I had to work around my chandelier because I didn't want to move it. The stencil comes with a guide so its basically a goof proof project, all you have to worry about is keeping the design straight. I would suggest having some sort of leveler available.

Once you have the first row done, just keep moving left to right why? because that allows one side to dry why you are working on the other side. See the beautiful antique sheen in this paint. Martha Stewart has several colors in Home Depot. I went with this vintage antique gold because of my bathroom paint color and a silver just would not have looked good.

So we started on Sunday right after church and did the remaining corners and peak of ceiling the next day. We had to figure out the corners and once we did it turned out amazing. the corners and sides can be trick but you can bend the stencil.
So this is the final results, I love the stencil with my claw foot tub and chandelier what do you think?
Here is a side by side. Once we got use to the Easy tack adhesive that blue painters tape said
bye bye!!
FYI you will need green frog tape for the sides, only because you don't want to pull any paint of the rest of your walls. Green frog tape works great!
Happy Stenciling!!!