Monday, November 19, 2012

It's that time of the year again!! Holiday time parties, jollies, laughing, family, fun and Love. I love this time of the year even though some seem to get happy only this time of the year. That's alright with me it's a start why not minister to family the Love of Christ, why? because you will be spending alot of time with them.

 One thing my family likes to do is share receipes. We sit around and talk about what we added to our favorite dish a pinch of this, a dash of that and umm umm good!! and then throw in how God did some of this in your life, and alot of that in your life. I love the time of bonding and talking. Life is so good and grand that we should be happy everyday; share our lives with our loved ones daily. I thank God that he is restoring families and friends such a great love of God's glory shed abroad. If you are struggling with a family fight that happen way back when, or a friendship that was severed. Let God restore it so that you can sit around and share those great receipes with your loved ones. Have a Happy Blessed Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

 When I look back on my life just one year ago; I can truly say that God has blessed me. I am not bragging or boasting but just giving my Lord some praise. So if God is blessing why would one surround themselves with no Love. God Love is so much greater and he Loves us. That same love should be shed abroad even towards our enemies. "But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,. If someone wrongs you, walks away from you, talks about you; don't start writing or saying things about them; but LOVE them I am telling you it works. We can not keep holding grudges and giving dirty looks, that's just not healthy my friend. More over not healthy for those that are seeking Christ who are watching our behaviour.

Guess what God will open up doors that no man can close. Why bother yourself with being angry it takes more energy. Pray for those that hurt you and let it go, and watch God do some wonderful things in your life. Not just small blessings, but blessings that will make your eyes pop and jaw drop (their is a facial muscle that really makes this happen). I am a witness to this; a year ago I was going through so much anger and animosity that it affected my life. The anger was not just at home, but work, church and family. I needed healing and that is exactly what I got with prayer, fasting, and believing Gods word. My business's(yes business's) are successful, marriage is great and I am happy! I can truly say I pray for those that persecuted me. So get past the hurt, turn the page on those that walked away, and move on in what God has for you.

 Attach yourself to God's plan and will; and watch what happens, you will start to see change in yourself (must start their first) and change in others. Having the peace of God that just surrounds you and family is a blessing. No one has arrived or should consider themselves better than others that means anyone Pastors, Ministers, Apostles whom ever we all are God's precious children. So let's stop hating each other and do this Kingdom work together with Love.

Friday, September 28, 2012

So someone posted this picture on Facebook and I was looking at it and thought; some woman really carry these items why? Though you've now been told time after time that, "it's not you; it's me," maybe it's time to consider the fact that it might, in fact be you. What's really weighing woman down in our life, is all that emotional baggage.

Those with baggage can oftentimes be riddled with self-doubt, fear, pride, family curses and just life battle wounds. It has been said that "No one escapes childhood unscathed," which is not to say that everyone suffers through terrible childhoods, only that each of us endures our fair share (or, in some cases, more than our fair share), of difficult or even painful emotional experiences during childhood, adolescence and young adulthood. Growing up is filled with all sorts of growing pains. And it is our emotional memories, particularly the more painful ones, which often have a significant impact on how we conduct ourselves in our relationships, not only with our significant others, but with all of our friends and loved ones. And while we all carry some emotional baggage, it turns out that some of us carry quite a bit more of it than others. More to the point, some of us allow our most troublesome relationships from our pasts to affect-and in some cases do severe damage to-our current relationships. Some woman are just bitter and mean, while others are looking and saying "what is wrong with her", well their is a chance that she was never set free from emotional childhood pain, she may think she has, but has not. So that bitter, evil, meanness spills over into relationship, marriage, friends and even church life. Yes! some christians deal with baggage also, some hurt people and will have them running from the church when it's not the church, but the person(s) dealing with their own private baggage.

So if you are concerned that your own insecurities or "emotional baggage" from your past relationships may be hampering your emotional or spiritual growth in any ways; and this has caused you to get involved with unkind individuals, or by preventing you from entering any love relationship, healthy church life, or by causing damage to your current frienships, then it may be time for you to confront the problem head-on, so that you can finally move past the old hurts and attain the relationship happiness you have been seeking for so long.
Of course it is extremely important to protect yourself emotionally, especially if you have experienced more than your fair share of difficult, humiliating, or even traumatic romances or friendships in the past. However, every aspect of life, including dating, involves a certain degree of risk-taking. And while it can be incredibly hard to open your heart and make yourself vulnerable to a potential new dating partner (especially if you have been hurt repeatedly in the past), just remember that life sometimes requires us to take a leap of faith so that we can continue to grow emotionally. Therefore, if you have recently met a good, kind, loving, emotionally whole and healthy person who would like nothing more than to start a relationship with you, then get ready to take that leap! and trust God that the Holy spirit will lead and guide you.

Friday, September 14, 2012

 I can honestly say I have been giving God my best, what do I mean by this? God shaped me for a purpose and he expects me to make the most of what I have been given. He doesn't want me to worry about or covet abilities that I don't have. Instead he wants me to focus on talents he has given me to use. In doing that I have been blessed with some of the best clients in this business. God has blessed me with my job, business and given me the ability to lead by being promoted recently on my job to Director of Accounts Payable. I would have never thought I would see myself in such a position. Why? I never thought I was gifted to lead, but God said otherwise and my job obviously feels propelled to launch me in such a position. If they did not they would not have promoted me. If you think you are gifted to be a teacher or a singer and no else agrees, guess what? If you want to know if you have the gift of leadership, just look over your shoulder! If no one is following you, you're not a leader. Thank God all is well I am leading with the wisdom and grace of my Father.

The Bible says, "Don't act thoughtlessly, but understand what the Lord wants you to do." (Ephesians 5:17 NLT). Don't let another day go by start finding out and clarifying what God intends for you to be and do. Do what God has for you and give it your best in every thing marriage, friends, family servant. Blessings come out of being obedient and doing God's will! Then you won't have to look over your shoulders and wonder were did everybody go.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Family, Lafamilia, Familie (Dutch) what ever you use my point is family is very important. Why would I be blogging on family? My family has become closer THANK YOU LORD! I am spending more time with my sibilings, cousins, friends, church and work family. People take for granted family ultimately missing the point that your family is important regardless of situations. Whatever your family is; be it close family, church family, or work family they are important pieces to our lives.

 Some important factors in family is:

1. Belonging. Very important that each member of the family feel that they are loved, that they belong and that they matter. We cannot always think the attention should be on us, but think of others also. People will be more open and trusting when they no someone cares and they have safe place in there family to come back to when things don't quite work out. When we are cold, bitter distant, selfish, and judgmental we push family away. We must keep in mind that everyone is different.

2. Respect. This is a little difficult. For my family repect means taking the feelings, thoughts, needs and preferences of others in account when making decisions. It also means acknowledging everyone's thoughts and contributions to the family. Respect is indeed earned, the only way to earn and keep someone's repect is to first show them repect yourself.

3. Forgiveness. Forgiving people who have wronged you is an important choice to make. Yes forgiveness is a choice. Holding a grudge is neither healthy or condusive to a close family who has mutual repsect. Let's keep in mind that everyone makes mistakes, we all occasionally say things we wish we hadn't or done things that was not good. So what do you do! GET ISSUES out in the open, gain some understaning and move on, Life is to good to be mad and angry. Let it GO!

So I think I have pretty much summed up my views on family that are imprtant to me. Send me your reponses would love to hear them. Remeber family extends more than just your immediate family. Your extended family work, church and friends deserve the same treatment. Why? because you said you love them also, so they are apart of you life and family.

Have Blessed day and always put God first and everything else will fall in line.

Monday, April 9, 2012

It's that time of the year weddings, proms, graduations etc... so much going on. I myself have been quite the busy little bee (as my good friend Sis. Susan Sanborn says...Love her!). In all the hustle and bustle of my day to day life, I must still breath...ahhh! Sometimes we wish there is button would could push to take away all the stress. Consequentely during this time when we are feeling overwhelmed it's always good to step back and just look at the situation; size it up and start to cut out what is deemed important and what is not. Many times we feel as though we have taken on too many responsibilities, leaving us overwhelmed, anxious and stressed.

If you acknowledge the fact that you are in over your head, you can fix the problem and begin to lift the burden off of your shoulders. So, if you are overwhelmed right now, close your eyes, take a deep breath, find a quiet spot, and prioritize. It’s nearly impossible to see how to get out of the situation if we don't look at the situation. That’s why the solution is to stop for a moment, take a step back, and let go of your desperate grip.

Another way is to hire a planner this will help remove alot of the stresses the person is carrying, How? because the planner will deal with the day to day phone calls you have to make, the running around and also keep the client calm.  I myself have learned over the past 6 months to fall back and let God have total control. If I am a bundle of nerves and anxiety how could I possbily help a bride, mother who is preparing a sweet 16, or plan a cooperate event. I simply cannot, I trust the word of God and that has always helped me out, and in doing that I have accumlulated more work than ever, because my clients see the peace of God all over me. The word of God says in Isaiah 26:3 Thou wilt keep him in perfect peace whose mind is stayed (anchored) on Thee, because he trusteth in Thee.

Although sometimes its not planning an event; it could be financial, relationship, family, sickness but always remeber God is able, so stay anchored in the Lord and you will have peace, its no better place. I have more peace in my life now than I have ever experienced in the past and it's all because I stay anchored in the Lord.