Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Just a added touch!

So I took my flower arrangements to another level, was perusing the craft store acmoore.com and seen burlap and twine on sale $1.00 yes can you believe that price for a roll. You know I scooped up 3 or more of the delightful colors that were jumping off the rack at me, pink beige and teal. I am a advent frugal shopper and I get a warm feeling and get happy when I run across a bargain. I made the floral arrangements below and decided how would my arrangement look with a twist, I still have them in the acrylic water, but the burlap gives it that elegant look and the colors in the flowers are exquisite.

 Excited place your orders now we about to blow up!!

Spring arrangement the flowers look so real!! I am having a tea party this summer
and I can't wait to adorn my table with 4 or more of these beauties :)
this arrangement I made for wedding centerpieces!! flowers are artificial
bride gave them away after the wedding.


  1. I love to see the flowers that are arrange nicely for the place.

  2. Thank you, flowers can make anyone smile, and thank you for stopping by my blog!! :)