Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Family, Lafamilia, Familie (Dutch) what ever you use my point is family is very important. Why would I be blogging on family? My family has become closer THANK YOU LORD! I am spending more time with my sibilings, cousins, friends, church and work family. People take for granted family ultimately missing the point that your family is important regardless of situations. Whatever your family is; be it close family, church family, or work family they are important pieces to our lives.

 Some important factors in family is:

1. Belonging. Very important that each member of the family feel that they are loved, that they belong and that they matter. We cannot always think the attention should be on us, but think of others also. People will be more open and trusting when they no someone cares and they have safe place in there family to come back to when things don't quite work out. When we are cold, bitter distant, selfish, and judgmental we push family away. We must keep in mind that everyone is different.

2. Respect. This is a little difficult. For my family repect means taking the feelings, thoughts, needs and preferences of others in account when making decisions. It also means acknowledging everyone's thoughts and contributions to the family. Respect is indeed earned, the only way to earn and keep someone's repect is to first show them repect yourself.

3. Forgiveness. Forgiving people who have wronged you is an important choice to make. Yes forgiveness is a choice. Holding a grudge is neither healthy or condusive to a close family who has mutual repsect. Let's keep in mind that everyone makes mistakes, we all occasionally say things we wish we hadn't or done things that was not good. So what do you do! GET ISSUES out in the open, gain some understaning and move on, Life is to good to be mad and angry. Let it GO!

So I think I have pretty much summed up my views on family that are imprtant to me. Send me your reponses would love to hear them. Remeber family extends more than just your immediate family. Your extended family work, church and friends deserve the same treatment. Why? because you said you love them also, so they are apart of you life and family.

Have Blessed day and always put God first and everything else will fall in line.