Tuesday, October 9, 2012

 When I look back on my life just one year ago; I can truly say that God has blessed me. I am not bragging or boasting but just giving my Lord some praise. So if God is blessing why would one surround themselves with no Love. God Love is so much greater and he Loves us. That same love should be shed abroad even towards our enemies. "But I say to you, love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you,. If someone wrongs you, walks away from you, talks about you; don't start writing or saying things about them; but LOVE them I am telling you it works. We can not keep holding grudges and giving dirty looks, that's just not healthy my friend. More over not healthy for those that are seeking Christ who are watching our behaviour.

Guess what God will open up doors that no man can close. Why bother yourself with being angry it takes more energy. Pray for those that hurt you and let it go, and watch God do some wonderful things in your life. Not just small blessings, but blessings that will make your eyes pop and jaw drop (their is a facial muscle that really makes this happen). I am a witness to this; a year ago I was going through so much anger and animosity that it affected my life. The anger was not just at home, but work, church and family. I needed healing and that is exactly what I got with prayer, fasting, and believing Gods word. My business's(yes business's) are successful, marriage is great and I am happy! I can truly say I pray for those that persecuted me. So get past the hurt, turn the page on those that walked away, and move on in what God has for you.

 Attach yourself to God's plan and will; and watch what happens, you will start to see change in yourself (must start their first) and change in others. Having the peace of God that just surrounds you and family is a blessing. No one has arrived or should consider themselves better than others that means anyone Pastors, Ministers, Apostles whom ever we all are God's precious children. So let's stop hating each other and do this Kingdom work together with Love.