Thursday, March 27, 2014

Ready set renovate!

Hello everyone Pray your week is blessed as mines was and still is I know it was darlings.
I have acquired (3) new projects since my last post Yeah! God is so good. I have Kitchen re-do in another state a living room re-do.  kitchen and bedroom re-do this weekend, also have choir rehearsal in Patchogue Saturday for a performance April 5th...OMG! and this is last rehearsal so I have to be there. Busy busy busy....but guess what I love it!

The kitchen and bedroom that I am doing have to be done by Tuesday because the client will be coming home, I need to get curtains and décor items for the room, and accessories for the kitchen Friday; and have everything in place by the latest Monday evening.

So excited about this project the children decided to re-do the grandmothers house for her while she is away; and I tell you it is going to look fabulous. This project was started roughly 2 weeks ago! The kitchen was completely gutted down to the studs everything new cabinets, appliances, granite countertops, backsplash, walls, lighting and re-wired the antiquated wiring.

 Mind you this kitchen has not been renovated since the early 70's..yeah! big fun...

I know this is not a clear picture but you could see the recess lighting and tile on the floor that looks like hard wood floors.
sorry for the cheesy cellphone photo didn't have my camera.
but the project is going well....More pictures will be coming!
Have a Blessed weekend, Jesus loves us.