Thursday, February 20, 2014

Hello Bloggers,

With all the talk about interracial dating, marriage etc.. I must say I am happy to see!! Yesssss...

My husband and I have been happily married will be 5 years this September. I thank God for him, I must say God hand picked him just for me, we have such blessed marriage. I remember when we first started dating I was worried about what will be say when they see us? what will black men say when they us? will white people look at me funny? but guess what all of that happened and we don't care. Our love supersedes all the talk, the chatter,  the funny looks, jealousy and evil talk we are blessed and God has protected us from it all.  In our church that we attend there are several interracial couples and we love seeing love in all of there marriages. I am happy and anyone that God blesses with a mate that is handpicked for them by God, regardless of color, nationally, creed doesn't matter because what God joins together No man can put asunder.

Be Blessed Bloggers