Friday, July 11, 2014


Well Happy Belated Birthday to me I celebrated my 44th Birthday on July 4th...that's right I am an independence baby. It was a good day Thank God very peaceful and full of love despite the Northeast rain, but the sun came out. I have just had so many celebrations going on to start my brothers oldest daughter went to her senior prom so pretty (see pics below) and she graduated from high school and collage bound Yess!! My friend daughter also graduated and collage bound to PA great so happy for these young ladies.

On another note I bought a bike...Yes I did and went riding with some good friends and my husband, I tell you it was fun and interesting at the same time when my friend Elder Carol said after riding for roughly 10 minutes "can we go get ice-cream" Really Carol!! we are riding to get in shape and you want ice-cream, well needless to say we didn't get the ice-cream that day but yogurt the next day. The whole experience was great sore the next day but felt great.

My wonderful husband took me to
this place is gorgeous click the link above, of course you need at least $150-$300 to eat there
but the food and the live Jazz was awesome. I just Love my Husband. This restaurant gave me a free dessert (this was not it) I had it to go, but because I did that they sent this out and a $25.00 gift card when I go back!
my new got the bike and on sale $120.00 Birthday gift from hubby.
(note to self!!) definitely get a larger gel seat...ouch!
my gorgeous niece and my brother on her prom night....
this is my future attorney. She already has class and sass going to be a great Lawyer.
I had to post these, I was watching wife swap and one of the wives had her maid walk around the
house with these on, so I found them on type in dusting slippers
they come in all colors.  I love them my husband thinks that I am OCD but my house is clean.
Have a blessed weekend!
God has been so good to me at the age of 44 I am learning to forgive and forget, I have been through so much in the past 3 years my life has changed; and I have no one but my Lord to Thank for Him staying his loving hand on me. Some people say that "I forgive you, but I don't forget it", well I forget it cause I know that Jesus has forgotten some things that I have done. I love my relationship with God it makes me who I am, I cannot be no one else.