Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Beautiful Women....

All around the world their are many different wedding gowns. Though many wedding traditions are specific to culture, one component of the ceremony remains universal: the beautiful dress of the bride. Some of the colors are exuberant and gorgeous to look upon. Many wedding dresses are different in variations in areas like the country, religion, tribe and the overall design, pattern. These versions of the wedding gown are also as beautiful as the accustomed white bridal gown, and are almost more interesting since these are not actually seen as much in american weddings. Western wedding dresses are usually wedding white which includes creamy colored shades such as eggshell, ecru, and ivory or "diamond white" which was my dress color. The colors of cultural wedding gowns have various meanings, some of the colors are universal such as purple for royalty or white for purity and so on. However what ever your culture or religion wear your dress! walk the aisle with beauty and grace, go on with your fabulous self.... "Al Vida" (which means good bye in Hindi) Have a blessed day.

Africa: colors and patterns are worn that represent their village.
China: Red, thats their color which represents to them joy & luck.
Japan: White silk kimono lined in red which symbolizes happiness & new beginning.
India: Silk Sari emroidered with many jewels, beads.
Irish: In Ireland, blue is the color of the brides.

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