Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fabulous lashes!!

I have always gotten great compliments on my eye lashes and often I get " are those are fake". Well I am here to tell you my lashes are not FAKE!! when I was in high school back in ( cough...ugh!! 80's) I was fabulous for the lashes my long lashes often got me called " looking like a spider on her eyes". Ok so I may have put mascara on a wee bit thick back then? Growing older and learning how to apply makeup got better I must say.  Bye no means please I am not knocking anyone who wears artificial lashes. Wear them ladies with confidence and work the eyes girlfriends!! Some of the artificial lashes look real when applied correctly. These look very real!!

My mascara for years I have been using is L' my favorite is voluminous in carbon black this gives the lashes volume and makes them fuller. Then I finish up my artist work with a smaller lash brush like the new butterfly by L'Oreal this gets all the smaller lashes in the corner of your eye and defines the whole masterpiece of mascara...LOL..

they are mines no falsies here!
my favorite!!
Isn't this necklace gorgeous I scored this sunny piece at I love it!! wore this to work and several people wanted to buy it right off my neck... girl bye! not for sale but will tell you were I got it and you can get one.
                              Flower necklace original price $79.50 on sale now for $44.99
Have a blessed day its almost the weekend!!

Monday, April 21, 2014

Let the eating begin!

Hello Lovelies,

finally finished by dining area YEAH!!! after hard work (yeah right) and some determination our eating area is complete, no more eating every meal at the kitchen island; I can have romantic candle light dinners now with my handsome husband. I have made use of every place in my home and I could not be happier. I used chalk paint on the teal chair in Provence the paint is by isn't the color vibrant. Of course some people looked at me like I was crazy when I was showing them the pictures of my kitchen, but to each its own. I think your home should be decorated according to your personality and style. Your home should be a reflection of who you are wouldn't you agree? So my table and chairs fit my personality I am stylish, love color and happy and it shows in my home. My home is built on God's incredible love and happiness and with that it can withstand all the critics!!

I had to search for a store in my area that sold this paint, because of course Home Depot or local hardware store do not carry this particular paint...after going on the website of Annie Sloan I was so happy that a antique store 2 miles from me carried her products Yankee Peddler Antique store great finds in there also. The paint was $40.00 for that can, but the color is amazing!! who cares when I got the chairs for FREE....

So I started painting the chair and of course my husband gets more into DIY and totally took over. I think he get excited about the finish product. The color looks baby blue because the sun was strong but its really teal or in Annie Sloan term Provence.

The other chairs we just spray painted them white once they were all sanded.

Finished products I couldn't be happier!!!
the flowers I took out of my bathroom, same color kept it flowing...

just a re-cap of my project!

Love my home and I Thank God everyday for blessed
and that's me leaving for church on Easter/Resurrection Sunday.
What a blessed day in the Lord my church was packed over 2000 people
and over 200 gave there life to Christ what a blessing!! 
Hope you all had a blessed Holiday
what ever you celebrated what ever denomination there is
only one God and he loves each and everyone of us.