Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fabulous lashes!!

I have always gotten great compliments on my eye lashes and often I get " are those are fake". Well I am here to tell you my lashes are not FAKE!! when I was in high school back in ( cough...ugh!! 80's) I was fabulous for the lashes my long lashes often got me called " looking like a spider on her eyes". Ok so I may have put mascara on a wee bit thick back then? Growing older and learning how to apply makeup got better I must say.  Bye no means please I am not knocking anyone who wears artificial lashes. Wear them ladies with confidence and work the eyes girlfriends!! Some of the artificial lashes look real when applied correctly. These look very real!!

My mascara for years I have been using is L' my favorite is voluminous in carbon black this gives the lashes volume and makes them fuller. Then I finish up my artist work with a smaller lash brush like the new butterfly by L'Oreal this gets all the smaller lashes in the corner of your eye and defines the whole masterpiece of mascara...LOL..

they are mines no falsies here!
my favorite!!
Isn't this necklace gorgeous I scored this sunny piece at I love it!! wore this to work and several people wanted to buy it right off my neck... girl bye! not for sale but will tell you were I got it and you can get one.
                              Flower necklace original price $79.50 on sale now for $44.99
Have a blessed day its almost the weekend!!

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