Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Crafting and more crafting!

Hello my darlings, I have been just a busy as a bee....first let me start by saying that nor'easter/blizzard we endured on Tuesday was a lot! Thank God I bought my husband a snow blower for Christmas, and guess what he couldn't wait to use it. My driveway is long and wide we can fit 6 cars in side by side. So imaging trying to shovel that, normally we would just shovel at the tip of the driveway and just leave the rest, but thank God for increase we got a snow blower!! Hubby was so happy playing with it he stayed outside yesterday for 3 hours. This was the best picture I could get of my wonderful husband using his new toy didn't want to put him on blast.
In other news I took a craft workshop at this place called the Suite Shop this darling of a place offers crafting workshops once a month or every two weeks (click link for details). Well I decided to sign up for the classes and the first time I went didn't quite know what to expect? but it turned out to be great night, meet some great woman and had so much fun. Meet two lovely woman turns out one of them makes the prettiest jeweled broaches I will add her contact information as soon as I find the business card. Also meet another woman who husband just opened his on restaurant called HUSH well can I tell you after meeting her I made reservations the same night of the workshop for that Friday and this place the food is excellent, her husband is Celebrity chef Marc Bynum and he made hubby and I feel right at home. 
These workshops go fast so when you see them better register....I had to friends very upset with me because they missed the registration and wanted to take the burlap wreath workshop which by the way was an encore workshop. Move fast!!
The workshops you can register on line and the class was $49.00 plus tax, only because you are paying for materials and the lovely wine and delicious homemade baked coffee cake and pastries that are so good! When you register for this particular class you have to give them the initial that you want on your wreath. I choose of course an O and painted it a Provence color blue with Annie Sloan chalk paint that they provide. Amanda the owner gives you step by step instructions on how to make it, and she also have workers that are right there to help you out.
The finished product of course I added a little bling to my wreath! You can put whatever you want they have an array of things to choose from the color matches my chair. This beauty is going to adorn my front door in the spring, I did not want to hang now with all the snow and rain. Although I will add some more bling to it also! Check out there website and register for some of there workshops you will not be disappointed.


Also in the Suite Pieces there are several antiques to purchase, this place is (2) floors of some of the greatest finds. They have a vendor in there called the Drapery Lady well she reupholsters and make curtains the chair above is some of her great work. She is making me (2) covers for my wing back chairs made of drop cloth I cannot wait until they are done
(pictures to follow)  check out her website above and also on Facebook.
Hope you check out all the links that I have added and explore the places you will enjoy each and everyone of them.
Quick shout out to my NASA engineers niece Sabrina for finding love so happy for her and John.
Ladies it can happen!!! Stop being so picky and let God do it "wont he do it"
its ok to have list of what you want in a husband, I had one but I also asked God to send me who He knows is the right one for me.
Be Blessed!!!