Saturday, June 18, 2011

Hat Day.

Ladies!!! my church is having a Hat Day...yeah! You get to wear your most fabulous hat and just look great with your beautiful self. For many woman looking your best from head to toe is imperative going to church, and some of the woman I have seen their hat game is serious. Nowadays it is often the more elder African American woman who dress up with hats on Sunday morning. To many of these women and their ancestors, dressing up for church was a good feeling for them they are looking their best for the Lord.  I would remember my grandmother (Mo. Alice Daniels) would wear her hat, white gloves, handbag and be sharp. That was her way I guess of celebrating from wearing aprons all week taking care of  seven children, cooking, cleaning,  and working in the fields - so on Sunday those garments were replaced by bright colors, fancy shoes and elaborate hats that would stand out in a crowd. Style and sophistication would rule the day.

Now the hat cannot be just any hat; shopping requires serious effort before choosing the correct hat that worked an outfit. Most woman will visit their favorite shops or boutiques for that special different hat, and some are humongous but  they caught your out now! The hats are the show stopper to the outfit giving it the Oooh! look at her. Most woman want to look stunnning regardless of where they tread their feet, but its something about Sunday morning girlfriend they must have it together. Although the culture and tradition still remains elder African American woman would not be caught without their hats on Sunday morning.

So join us for our Hat Day come hear an awesome word from God, fellowship with beautiful people, and wear your best hat as we celebrate our stunning selves. I would advise anyone to come early so you can get a seat up front because with the hats that day sitting in the back will not be good for