Friday, March 6, 2015

Love shiny things!!

Hello beloveds, snow and more snow here on the east coast, but we are getting through this rough winter. I tell you February has been one month of just storms and piles of snow oh! and extremely bitter cold. With the bitter cold days it's wears on my allergies and sinuses. I would normally sleep with a window cracked just a little bit for some circulation of air in my bedroom, because its so hot in there . Well with all the -0 degrees we have been having that does not work. So I had a humidifier that I was using for a couple years but just wasn't misting, and getting in/out of bed to get the correct settings was annoying. So upon watching QVC (Love it) they had this cute humidifier with a remote, and it mist so well I keep it right next to my bed, this one actually keep the room moist not dry and I feel better.

Homedics dehumidifier Love this click link for great easy pay.
So I found this beauty on this is what I meant by Love Shiny things!
This lamp was worth and estimated $300.00 but because JossandMain has fantastic deals I actually got it for $150.00. Well the story behind this gorgeous bling is when the lamp arrived it had several imperfections. 1. the base was bent 2.the shade was broken. Me being my pleasant self was a little disappointed given the amount that was spent on the lamp
(courtesy of my husbands credit card)
Love you Honey!!
I called JM and immediately they was so sympathetic with my dilemma, the sent me another lamp at no cost to me told me to keep or toss the broken lamp!!! The broken lamp I banged out the bottom glued the shade and my living room is adorned with (2) of these beauties. Don't you just love customer service that take care of there loyal customers.
kudos to JossandMain!!
Me and Hubby hanging the crystals on lamps
another purchase recently was the infamous my pillows you all have seen those infomercials right! So I purchased (2) again my favorite internet shopping channel QVC Yess!! so when they arrived the instructions was place in dryer hummm!! for what I thought, well to make them fluff alive after doing that I can say, we sleep like royalty and I absolutely love these pillows.
you can also purchase directly from website or bed bath and beyond
Have a wonderful day Lovelies and happy shopping.