Thursday, April 3, 2014

Yummy to my Tummy!

Hello Darlings,

So my brother is in school finishing up being a Executive Chef!! and we get to taste all the food that comes across the table. Well...the food is pleasing to the eye and stomach. Just a little testimony about my brother he just kept trying to find his way and really didn't know what career path is for him. Thank God for a praying sister and mother he will be graduating the end of this year...Yess!! God always has a master plan.

Filet mignon with whipped mashed potatoes and veggies!!
Chocolate chip mint ice cream with almonds, whip cream and almond pie filled with chocolate.
the ice cream is homemade!
Love the pink nail polish looking forward to SPRING!!
Have a great day Jesus is Lord over our lives!
Blessings on you all

Monday, March 31, 2014

No more snow please.

Okay enough with the snow already!!

I said I would never complain about the weather because I am happy to be alive to see it, but I live on a very steep hill and when I slid down it this morning omg!! talk about calling on the name of Jesus (which I do everyday) but this morning I slid into traffic. At the bottom of my hill is stop signs coming both ways and of all the mornings several cars were coming yup!! both ways. So I had to slid into some rocks to keep from going into the cars. Now with all that I drive a 2012 Jeep grand Cherokee with 4X4 does not matter. God is good I am ok and just a minor loosening of the front fender from using the rocks as my landing pad.

So my projects continue went curtain shopping for the bedroom re-do on Friday got a great deal at curtains outlet -  four panels @ $14.00 each, ya'll know I love a sale and my client was happy also that's all that matters. The window we are doing is very oddly shaped...hum! so I am curious to see how this will look.

Painted the walls a soft beige we are removing the ceiling fan and adding a chandelier, the look of this room is vintage Hollywood!
So I was on my favorite website Joss& and got this cute bookend....yes! it's a scooter
how adorable I just had to have it and @ $22.95 looks great on my shelf.

More pictures to come from my projects really excited have a great day
and always remember Jesus loves you!