Monday, March 31, 2014

No more snow please.

Okay enough with the snow already!!

I said I would never complain about the weather because I am happy to be alive to see it, but I live on a very steep hill and when I slid down it this morning omg!! talk about calling on the name of Jesus (which I do everyday) but this morning I slid into traffic. At the bottom of my hill is stop signs coming both ways and of all the mornings several cars were coming yup!! both ways. So I had to slid into some rocks to keep from going into the cars. Now with all that I drive a 2012 Jeep grand Cherokee with 4X4 does not matter. God is good I am ok and just a minor loosening of the front fender from using the rocks as my landing pad.

So my projects continue went curtain shopping for the bedroom re-do on Friday got a great deal at curtains outlet -  four panels @ $14.00 each, ya'll know I love a sale and my client was happy also that's all that matters. The window we are doing is very oddly shaped...hum! so I am curious to see how this will look.

Painted the walls a soft beige we are removing the ceiling fan and adding a chandelier, the look of this room is vintage Hollywood!
So I was on my favorite website Joss& and got this cute bookend....yes! it's a scooter
how adorable I just had to have it and @ $22.95 looks great on my shelf.

More pictures to come from my projects really excited have a great day
and always remember Jesus loves you!


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