Wednesday, December 28, 2011


I just love the elegance and grace that the first Lady Michelle Obama has; she just looks great in her gowns and clothing. I also like the look that Jackie O wore, those polished suits and box hats and kitty shoes, which are back in style. Beautiful first ladies not concerned with titles but just standing by their husbands. I have learned so much from reading about Jackie O and Michelle Obama on how to just conducting yourself as a woman with grace,class and style.

So what exactly is "style", defined in the english dictionary it states " a manner of doing something" or "design or make in a particluar form". I think each individual has his or her own style. Me personally I love my wardrobe with the pencil skirts, tailored jackets and kitty shoes, have not quite got the pill hat, but I will adorn my crown with a cloak hat. How fabulous that Michelle Obama takes something from H&M or J Crew and makes it her own style. Which speaks volume that one does not have to wear a $300.00 suit to look good.

So whatever your style or look that works for you wear it with class and elegance don't worry about what others say. You have your own style and wear it well! Fabuloso (spanish)