Wednesday, October 14, 2015

its been awhile....

Hello.....I know its been awhile since I have last blogged but I have been busy doing so much other things just have not had time. Since things are finally slowing down I can share what we have been up to. We had an amazing summer!! went on vacation to Miami stayed at this fabulous hotel Mandarin Oriental, talk about five star this place should be a 10 star. The service was first class, the staff was very nice. Although we had on little mishap a little gecko got into our room through the sliding doors of the veranda. So I could not sleep let alone spend one night knowing this thing is running lose in our room. After calling the front desk and having the housekeepers reluctantly couldn't find my little friend and me screaming!! they moved us to a suite that was for a celebrity oh my! you could see the pictures below.

this was my view from this stunning hotel!! Downtown Miami...
This was the suite we were upgraded to $1495.00 per night, but for me and hubby FREE!!
the room we had prior to this was amazing also!
Just a quick photo of my front door Harvest decorations!!
I really have to pull my camera out and take better pictures.
my latest sale items this gorgeous throw from Pier1 so luxurious, comfy and warm.
So anyone who know me is aware that I have struggled with weight for years now. Well I finally got a handle on it and having a blast with eating healthy and working out, not depriving myself of the pizza and cakes, just not over doing it. Kale & spinach are now our best friends, we have totally cut out red meat and coffee!
Well I am happy to say I am 15lbs lighter and exercise is also my best friend. Our journey started August 26th, 2015 on the right and on the left was September 26th, 2015!!
My husband is also down 22lbs kudos to my hubby........
We both are happy and thank God for wisdom and helping us do this!!
We are moving along nice and slow, no specific date on accomplishing our goal, remember its a lifestyle change so this is forever.