Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My space.com

Hello how is your summer going so far I know we are only what? three days into the summer but I pray you all have a great one.

 So I have this corner in my house outside that when we finished construction was left empty. I put a bistro set and called it 'My Space" when I want to drink some coffee and just reflect and spend time with God. I was also redecorating the inside of my house and had these wire, I don't know what you would call them? wall décor I guess?? but I took them down and replaced them with some art work. I was still left with these wall décor that I scored at Marshalls and had know were to put them. Not to mention that I have been having a problem with the rabbits eating my potted plants that are sitting around my patio, but guess what bugs bunny you can't reach these!

Well the DIY in my and my creative blessing started flowing and this is what I came up with below.

I started with a small flat of flowers and some terracotta pots that was sitting in my garage
let me tell you - you could really find some treasures in your own garage.
(remember those chairs I painted)
 these are the wall décor that I changed from inside to outside.
How cute is this it's almost like the pots were made for that purpose.
So that is why this is called my space, my own little French garden area..
Enjoy your day Lovelies and always remember Jesus Loves you and so do I.