Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Take the stress out of planning!

This summer I have so many parties, BBQ's, tasting-parties that I am preparing for; so I was looking for ways to take the stress out of planning. Let's talk woman we love entertaining others I surely do. Actually I like the fact that people visit and we eat, laugh and enjoy each others company. Recently my family and I got together for Mother's day at my Moms home and we laughed and laughed with such joy. I was actually missing that with my family, I must admit I had gotten away from that, but I realized family is so important.

So Party Planning...... how was this a stress free gathering? I truly didn't get too fussy. Even a special dinner party should seem casual and fun for everyone. The dinner we had was chinese food nothing major.

Although if you are throwing a bigger party with more guest I would suggest; to save preparation time, set your table the night before your dinner party this gives you more time to get glamorous.  Don’t spend a fortune on flowers.  Just a few low arrangements, along with some candles or even fresh fruit, make a table look fabulous. Also keep your menu simple--elaborate menus with fancy dishes that may take a few hours to prepare.

You will probably need help!  recruit some friends, siblings or even your mom to assist in the preparations any help that is going to lighten the load for you, should be welcomed. Pay close attention to your details this makes a big difference. Your guests may not notice every last thing you’ve done, but they will realize they’re experiencing something special & really appreciate you opening up your home to them.  Last just have fun laughter is amazing and it helps so much so relax, smile and enjoy your company. Amize means "have fun" in Haitian Creole