Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Good day!! how was every one's Mother's day celebrations. My gorgeous mom, sister and me went for mani/pedi so much fun, it was great seeing my sister out and relaxing she has four beautiful children ranging in age 5-14 and she can be quite busy. The spa day is truly what she needed, then I had a good ole' backyard BBQ for the family and the weather was beautiful thank you Jesus. My handsome husband knows how much I want to be a mommy so he took me shopping early Sunday morning for a nice treat...Yess!  a Louis Vuitton bag I was so happy we walked in the store and the greeters at those stores are extra nice they actually wait on you and stick only to you, until they have made the $1000.00 sale, yes one thousand dollars.....God I love my husband just for the lavish gifts but because he truly loves me and I love him, our relationship has blossomed and we are celebrating out fifth wedding anniversary this year. God is so Good!

no knock off pocketbooks allowed...LOL
my cute husband...I love me some him.