Friday, February 28, 2014

Love my Bathroom!

Hello Everyone,

So I am re-doing my bathroom colors, I used to have everything in beige and green and brown. I wanted to have a spa look, so I changed the colors to a nice light teal, white and brown. Still keeping the brown in the bathroom because the tiles are brown and the wall colors are a light tan. I was shopping around for a stand to put my soap displays on and scored a chrome and glass stand from this website has some of the most gorgeous items for your home. The teal towels I scored at only $2.99. I also ordered a stencil because I am going to stencil the wall behind my tub....I cant wait ordered the stencil last Saturday on the stencil is called elegnecia...Ooohh! I will show you the finish wall soon as the stencil arrive today!!

        This is the wall that I will be stenciling this weekend during the snowstorm we are suppose to be having...hopefully it won't snow. The chandelier came from for $97.00 its absolutely stunning!! will give details on how me and my husband will achieve the look with stencil fingers crossed....
my teal towels and teal bath salts and apothecary jars give the any room elegance.
 Thank you tjmaxx!
getting my spa look for my bathroom! because my bathroom window is big and my neighbors can look right in, I bought a piece of frosted applique from for privacy.
my cute chrome stand from $49.99, love the soap in apothecary jar looks great.
Have a blessed and safe weekend!

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Shopping and more shopping

 just enjoying the fruits of my labor that God has truly blessed me with. Ordered my new business cards for new business excited.

Lately I have been experiencing colors with my clothing just having fun with different prints. I have also been catching some killer sales on the web. check out for some great winter clearance clothing. I got $99.00 dollar sweaters for $20.00 Yessss! this is the best time to shop for winter clothes for next year, and since its still cold here in the Northeast - you can still rock those boots, sweaters and coats. Check out the cute booties I got online they were priced at $149.00...Yessss! I paid $39.99 chocolate leather and suede and the gold buckle just makes them look fabulous. The chocolate leather (butter soft leather might I add) came from priced at $499.00, I got it for $209.00  & snatched up a few 100% cashmere sweaters also that were marked down from $179.00 to $65.00 and the great thing with these sweaters is they transition right into the beautiful spring weather.....OH I am so happy!

Go shopping and get great clothes for a penny of the cost....sign up to receive emails from your favorite stores and they will let you know when the sales are coming or going on. Then pull out that card and get the best deals; and if you order a certain amount some of the websites will even provide FREE SHIPPING...who doesn't want that!!

Happy Shopping...

This was my Sunday morning photo shoot, on my way to church. I mixed classic prints with leather and looked great.