Friday, March 14, 2014

Creativity at its best!

Its Friday!

 I battled a upper respiratory infection this week, but the battle was short lasted roughly 3 days thank you Jesus for healing. Missed a day from work, so I had to catch up on some paperwork and bills for work - check that off the list done. Had an awesome lunch at work with my bestie jst now and we laughed as usual....So now I am just at my desk blogging and listening to some good gospel music...Love it! I must say I cannot complain about my job once I do my work and my employees get the job done we chill!! I don't have to micromanage them.

My creative gift has been flowing and I thank God, having a creative mind is such a blessing that we don't realize some if the ideas that comes out of our creativity, the and awesome Creator blessed. My pictures today are of the beautiful Moroccan picture frame I found at maybe three years ago. Well I couldn't quite find anything to place in it because the picture would have to be very small maybe 2x3; so I opted in printing a few of my favorite scriptures instead and placed them in the frame.

I was also visiting one of my favorite website called they have some of the nicest items and unusual home decors, I found this sign below and loved it. Anyone who knows me that I love shoes!!!  I know I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me, but a pair of cute shoes for some praise and worship always helps! yesss.... 

My contractor who helped my husband build our home is very creative, this guy can build anything such a gifted man. My home is dynamite between his building and my designing we worked it out. Every year for the Christmas season he always makes something different reindeers, star, nativity scenes etc.. And he give them out as gifts. Something about handmade gift you just want to keep it forever and not re-gift. Just the though that someone took the time and created the gift and put it together is the best. 
Last year he gave out these Angels carved out of wood, I still have this sitting on my table in the living room even though the holidays are over so cute. 

So be creative let your, ideas come to life and watch the beautiful things that you can make.
Have a Blessed weekend!!

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