Sunday, March 2, 2014

Weekend fun...

Lazy Sunday!!

 Preparing for the big snow that's heading our way...ugh!!! But I am not going to complain.

 Had a great weekend very busy, went furniture shopping on Saturday afternoon. So the sales guy named Randy that greeted me & my husband at had no idea what he was in store for. Long story short 2 1/2 hours later I walked out with new bedroom set and mattress (king size). It was so needed my husband and I have been using my bedroom furniture from my single days 6 years ago. My husband is 6' 4' and I always wanted a bed with footboard, but he don't fit the bed of that choice so scrap that dream..... Prayed for tall husband, prayers answered Thank you Jesus just a little compromise. So we got a nice set that fits my craftsman style home, keeping with the style of the home it will look great. In the end Randy the salesman made a commission, we got new bedroom set great price and Randy the salesman had to take a long break after dealing with me!


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