Tuesday, March 31, 2015

New projects!

Hello beloved's I have so many new projects in the works. I just placed an order for several new stencils and getting ready to make over my best friends guest bedroom so excited. I also have caught some uber good sales for the month of February and March. We all know that is the best time to shop for you winter clothing for next year? this is when you buy that coat you wanted that cost so much but now its 75% off yess!! go shopping....
So I found this great burlap fabric on website called Farmhouse wares Here
this fabric is so nice I decided  just do a small project with it. I re-upholstered a pair fold away stools that I keep in my kitchen for extra seating for guest. I said let me try them first before I do my wing back chairs.
turned out pretty cool!
Well remember I said catch those sales after the season. I had my eye on these cute UGG boots but the price oh my! they run for about $250.00. Well I waited until after the season and scored these babies on Here The Walking Company can I just say I love them.
Oh! and we still had some snow here in the big NY after I purchased them :)
You ever had a plant that died and you were left with the pot or those rolling cast iron thingies that go on the floor to keep the plant of your gorgeous hard woods or carpet!
After removing the wheels and putting some soft felt on the bottom (no scratches on my granite)
 I use this as a trivet does not take up a lot of space on the center of my island.
Goes so well on my kitchen island to hold my napkin and other items.
it really looks like that trivet came with the set?
Was shopping on Farmhouse Wares again and could not resist these wooden blocks.
I am still decorating them trying to decide what I want put in them? Here
Have a great day all!
Happy Passover and Easter He has risen!

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