Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sweet Dreams!

I am a  (Zealot) or stickler on pampering and relaxing. Coming home from work we cook, clean do homework with your children etc....When the time comes to relax the laptop is shut, the dishes are done, you have tucked the kids in. So now it's time to take a deep breath and relax with some "me time". If you have not already done this or you considering try making your bedroom your place of peace.

   First step in preparing your peaceful environment. Always try to keep some reading material at your bedside. Reading is good for the soul you expand your mind; try reading the Bible, a good book or magazine some have great articles.

  Next try and clear the area around your bed of anything that doesn't speak peace, delight you or relax you. I like doing my nails at night that delights me. I get one of those small tables that fold away & set up my own manicuring station. This small spa has everything I need nail clippers, cuticle nippers, creams for hands & heels. This relaxes me and my hands look pretty good for a home spa....LOL

 Another way to relax and unwind is right before bed cozy up with a cup of herbal tea-- as you are sipping take out your journal and jot down what you are thankful for. This always helps end the day on a good note.

Although this is my  favorite take a long bath then spray your clean linen with a delicately scented linen spray and have soothing tunes with the sound of the ocean playing OMG! works for me everytime.

Whatever you enjoy doing to relax before bed always make sure you PRAY this is the best relaxation. Talk to GOD.  I always speak to my saviour letting him know what went on that day, and what I can do to make the next day better.  "oiche mhaith" means Goodnight in Irish Galic.

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  1. Great ideas, I never thought about the folding table set-up. This elevates the clutter on my night stand. I'll have to get the spay, I usually use scented talc powder. Thanks