Sunday, January 27, 2013

What's been happening everyone!!

Business is doing exceptionally well and married life is awesome. This year I celebrated 20 years of service on my job. I started there at the tender age of 22 working part-time as a nursing assistant. I was fresh out of school and my teacher knew someone who knew someone and their I am. Working at Cold Spring Hills has been rewarding, I have learned, matured and grew in my skills. Since working their I gave my life to Christ and became a faithful servant of The Lord. I know God has placed me on my job for a reason. In 2008 I got promoted to Director of Purchasing which I made a decision to leave 1199 Union and engulf in a managerial position. Once I took the position which meant a huge promotion and more responsibility I knew God had a plan for me.  Often I get the opportunity to minister amongst men and woman when the Holy Spirit allows; God uses me at His will and I love it.  Recently I got another promotion and more responsibility with more pay to Accounts Payable!!! Who would have ever thought that a tender 22 year old fresh out of nursing school God would keep moving in her life so much. Often we never stop to look at the bigger picture of things, I used to be the person never paying her bills and now look at God he taught my how to pay my bills on time, He showed me how to clean my credit up, and I married  the best husband who has stood beside me and showed me how to be a good steward over my finances. So God promoted me to Director of Purchasing/Accounts payable, me paying all the bills and that something. So that is what I mean that we don't look at the bigger picture of things. I am so grateful and I love The Lord so yes I celebrated 20 years of service at Cold Spring Hills with Gods Grace and Mercy.

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