Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Hello Bloggers,

So much happening in my life, so happy that I will be licensed real estate broker soon. I had my first client visit and showed the client some comps in her area, so much fun. I am still working my regular full-time job, this is my second career move and getting me to be a millionaire status!! I have been promoted again at work Praise God for that...

But bloggers I have to share this...shady boots are still amongst us some church folk need to focus on what's important and stop messing with people . Some people don't know your destiny they see it but are jealous, and they can't take the blessings that are flowing in your life. So they try to do shady things, but sweetie get your life!! you cant handle me. Just had to say that!! stop putting your mouth on people and things will change in your life.

My life is fabulous and I couldn't be happier!! God is Good try Him you will see....

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