Thursday, January 8, 2015

Happy New Year!! did someone say sale!

Hello Lovelies,
Happy New Year 2015!! I don't make resolutions that I surly will not be keeping. I just ask God to make me a better person and be obedient to His will and plans for my life.  So how was your NY2015 what did you do??? tell me about in the comments below, I know you all did some exciting things. if you just stayed home and relax with the TV rockin eve celebration that works for me also.

 Well honey bunny and I started the NY2015 with church on NY Eve's. We went at 9:15pm because my church is so massive and every seat is filled on that night and we wanted to assure we got our regular seats (such creatures of habit). The program starts at 10:00pm and there is singing, preaching, poems and lots of love, OMG its something to experience at the come visit!! They decorate the sanctuary so nice and at 12 midnight balloons fall from the ceiling oh its so nice. Just to surrounded by people who genuinely love the Lord and just want to spread this great gospel is wonderful.

Upper Room church sanctuary.
So in other news my sister said that she loved my idea about subscribing to Birchbox I posted in another blog and told her friends about. Well they have registered for there monthly goodie box yeah ladies enjoy!!1
 Another goodie box is the Wal-Mart box girl bye!! I can't with these goodies that I receive in the mail gets me so excited.

In this box came cover girl outlast lipstick love it! Ponds anti wrinkle cream, dove shampoo, conditioner and body wash travel size, makeup remover wipes and coupons to shop at Wal-Mart for the products.
The Wal-Mart box is only $5.99 every 3 months click link to register
trust me you will love it.
In other sales and shopping news I have a love for UGGS shoes, boots, house slippers, scarves whatever I can get the warmth that accompanies these products are the best. I treated my self to my third pair of slippers this time the UGG ansley in the rich burgundy color. Got them from which is were I get most of my shoes, but also check they might have them on sale!!
My other love for shoes is this Italian company called Mossimo Dutti, a dear friend of mines celebrated her ?0 birthday (a lady never reveals her age) lets just say she looks fabulous Love you Rosina. She went abroad across the pond to celebrate and shopped.....Yass!!  she came back with this beautiful Italian leather handbag that I fell in love with, so as a good friend that she is shared and I went on the hunt. Well the bag when I first found it was $380.00 but after waiting patiently during the holidays they had a sale on there website and got the bag for $250.00 +FREE shipping. The inside is made of this beautiful bright orange suede.
After being on the website later I got these darling Italian leather loafers that were $180.00 but I got them for $79.99.....and guess what if you visit the website now they are $69.99 go figure!
Have a great and Happy 2015 don't forget to follow me on Instagram @godschild1970
God Bless......


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