Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My creative juices are flowing. I was going through items in my home; because I just re-decorated the living room and foyer. I had all these vases and mirrors that I had purchased when I first built the house and they were sitting and not being used. You know how when you first move into a home, apartment, condo and you want to buy everything you see?? but when you have finally come off the roller-coaster and get the décor you really want, guess what your stuck with trinkets....

Here are some creative ideas I did with my trinkets. The candy dish was a matte gray and I spray painted it shiny black, and the mirror was a green color spray painted that a shiny black also, and now they adorn my office at work... So my trinkets became valuable items that everyone who comes in my office now wants....go figure.

all my equipment in my office is black, computer, fax, phone, file cabinets so these precious lovely items blended right in with the décor.

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