Wednesday, December 17, 2014

I just love deliveries!!

Hello my friends!! I love getting things the mail or packages from FedEx or UPS. Yes!! I get excited don't laugh at me. Well every month I receive a little special box from Birchbox, this little box is filled with samples of makeup, perfume, lotions, etc.... ok! the trick is this you sign up for a mere $10.95 a month that can be taken directly out of your bank account on automatic pay and they send you a stylish little box filled with goodies yeah! some of the samples that I have received I share with others and if I really like the sample I purchase the full size item. Oh! and you can go on your birchbox account and buy the items directly from the website how cool! sign up today and they will give you discounts on items.

My so cute all blinged out!

Presents monthly in a box who wouldn't love it!!

sign someone up for a super cool Christmas gift! they will love it.

Ok another one of my favorite things is eating!! well my husband and I recently frequent a cozy little spot called COSI yes!! they have some the healthiest choices and the flat bread is amazing! again sign up for there rewards card and receive FREE food....after several visits and years of eating here I have monthly gotten a FREE entree let me tell you that has totally cut my bill in half. so got to the website below and guess what visit one of there locations and get cosi!!

All be well my friends!!
God Bless....

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