Tuesday, December 16, 2014

it's the most wonderful time...

Hello darlings are we in the Christmas spirit yet!! I love this time of the year from Fall to Winter yeah!! I have been busy and loving it....I put a tree up and decorated my home with festive items that make the spirit bright. So happy when I see people around me or in the stores happy for Jesus thats what I love about this season. Hubby and I did a photo shoot this year with my dear friends daughter she did a fabulous job.
Nefertiti-Pocahontas is her website Sabrina does great work as a photographer. She came to our home and captured some great shots. check her out on Facebook also.

So we purchased a 4ft tree and placed in the foyers looks good huh!! 

I decorated our cute little tree with shoes & diamond rings!! everyone knows that I love shoes and diamonds well they are my next best friend after Jesus....

Birch wood is my favorite decorating accents, pier1.com had these lights called glimmer strings
they come in different colors and run by batteries with a timer, so cute just wrap around some wood or whatever for a quick and easy decor.

so I got this awesome fireplace cascade for grandinroad.com on sale they have some of the nicest holiday decor.

still using my Mary and Martha products for the holiday also don't you just love these placemats.

my friend got married Nov.30 and I was posing in my wedding outfit, so my cutie niece named Heaven such a glorious name decided that she wanted to pose like Auntie.
so proud of her she is going to be serving the people gorgeousness just like her aunt...Yess hunty!
oh! and my $400.00 Kate Spade shoes love them check them out on katespade.com
Y'all know I was walking very careful.....

Have a great week darlings and shop, shop shop!!

Love my new hair cut!!

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