Thursday, March 17, 2011

Do you!

How many of us have been to weddings and seen center pieces that make you say...umm! that's nice - or umm! that's different. I think being different is wonderful. Psalm 139:14 we are fearfully and wonderfully made. ... According to this Scripture, you truly are a Master Piece! an original. So when planning that event be yourself who said we had to go with the traditional centerpieces, or a traditional wedding. Your wedding decor should be a reflection of you and your grooms personality (yes! ladies you have to include him in the decor). Your home decor should be a reflection of your personality. My husband choose our wedding favor which was these measuring spoons so cute with different saying on each spoon, why? because we both love to bake. So have funning planning that special day or just a dinner party for some close friends either way enjoy it.

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