Saturday, March 19, 2011

Smell the Roses.

Saturday is one of the most busiest days of the week. Everyone is hustling and bustling getting things done  like cooking, shopping, cleaning, soccer, dance lesson with the kids. My saturday is spent today first thing this morning going to florist with client to view sample arrangement for upcoming event, banking, preparing for a tasting party this evening, baking for church bake sale tomorrow, cooking dinner I could go on. But when I was riding in my car I smelled the aroma of sweetness coming from my back seat. The sample centerpiece that the florist gave us was giving the greatest aroma their are orchids, hydrangea and four different ROSES! So in the midst of me driving and sipping coffee, talking on speaker phone, it hit me slow down, I even took my foot of the excelerator! We never stop to smell the roses or for the lack of better words just SLOW DOWN and enjoy life. The sweet smelling fragrant in our lives is the aroma of our Lord Jesus Christ, so why are we not smelling this lovely fragrance? we are busy, plain and simple. Take time today and smell the roses. As for me I am relaxing and smelling the fragrance of this lovely centerpiece and spending time with the Lord.

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