Monday, March 21, 2011


Recently I went to the beauty parlor and the beautician cut my hair in error, granted she was very busy that day, and the salon was undergoing major renovation. I know that's no excuse but I was a little angry, but laughing and said I just wont go back. But after I got home my husband would not stop laughing saying the back of my hair looks like a math problem very I realized that from that error it bought change, eventually I had to cut the back of my hair very short to match the other side that she cut very uneven, which gave me a cute bob cut. I was not ready for my hair to be that short, but I accepted the change, and liked it! Sometimes we are afraid of change maybe its a new job, lifestyle, appearance whatever. Change is good if we just roll with it, God will work it out in your favor. I am a firm believer that God will not put nothing on me that I can't bear, So if God wants me to change somethings, I will definately listen to his voice. We tend think it's for bad, but God turns it for good. Embrace change and whatever the situation the change will embrace you and you will love it.

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